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 Special French Bully

(Many more photos below)
2012   AQHA Buckskin Stallion  (Bully Bullion x French Myst - Frenchmans Guy)
Stands  15.1 as a 5 year old

Special French Bully is an amazing young stallion.
Genotype- EEAACrcr
This means he will always sire 'Colored' foals (No Reds).  See chart below.
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Now enrolled in the Future Fortunes Barrel Program,

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2018 Stud Fee: only $1100

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OR... 1st Collection and Inseminations for the 1st cycle if bred On-Farm.
EVA tested Neg. and Vaccinated.
5 Panel Tested- NEG.
Color tested- EEAACrcr


2018 Stud Fee- Only $1100
Includes Booking Fee

On-Farm A.I.- also Includes 1st Collection
& 1st A.I.

Cooled Shipped Semen
1st Collection Included
Actual FedEx fees apply

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2018 Cooled Shipped Semen Breeding Contract

2018 On-Farm Breeding Contract



These photos taken Sept 2015, as a 3 year old.



-Bully Bullion
1984- 2015
si 104, AAAT Race
Stakes Winner
Champion Aged Stallion
Millionaire Sire in the Barrel Arena with earners of Over $1,000,000.00.
Millionaire Broodmare sire with earners of 5 Million!
Champion race Sire.
Champion Barrel sire!
His Race Get earning over $8,000,000.00!

-Special Effort

1979 stallion, si 104
World Champion Race
Champion 2 Yr O Colt
Champion 3 Yr O Colt
High Money Earning H
AQHA Supreme Race H
14-13-0-1 record
Winner of:
All American Fut.
Rainbow Fut.
Kansas Fut.
Kansas Derby, etc.
-Raise Your Glass TB
-Raise A Native TB
-Champagne Woman TB
-Go Effortlessly
si 98, AAA race
Winner of 8 races

-Double Devil
si 95, AAA race
28.0 AQHA Halter Points

-Hijo Beauty
1955 TB mare
-Mary Poppins
si 95, AAA Race
An All-Time Leading Dam of ROM Race
Dam of Champion Race

-Bond Issue
si 95, AAA Race

1942 TB stallion
1937 QH mare
si 85, AA Race
9-6-0-3 record

si 95, AAA Race

-Spotted Bull
1946 TB stallion
si 85, AA Race
-Ariel Lady
si 85 AA Race
-French Myst
2008 Buckskin mare
Currently being trained and shown in Barrels and Roping

-Frenchmans Guy

1987 Palomino stallion
Leading Barrel Sire

-Sun Frost

1979 palomino stallion
- Doc's Jack Frost

-Prissy Cline
1961 dun mare

-Frenchmans Lady
1972 mare
Dam of Leading Barrel Sire
-Laughing Boy
si 85, Race ROM

Lightning Bar
si95, AAA race

-Casey's Lovelady
1961 Buckskin mare

-Im Mystic Reb
1994 brown mare
Dam of Barrel/rope horses

-Ima Easy Reb
si 103 AAAT Race
-Easy Jet

si 100, AAA Race

-Binkie's Honey TB

by New Policy TB

1990 Bay mare
Race starter

-Mystic Eye
si 106 AAAT Race

-Chocolates Double
si 96, AAA Race

Lady Bug's Moon 
si 100


2017 Foals Sired by SPECIAL FRENCH BULLY

Foaled 4/30/17
Buckskin Colt

Dam- Im A Pistol ("Blondie")
Granddaughter of Playgun

Foaled 5/03/17
Chocolate Buckskin Colt

dam- Hot Digity Wrangler
(granddaughter of Rocket Wrangler)


Foaled 4/23/17
Buckskin Colt

Dam- My Masters Honey ("Honey")
by Perks Master

"Quarter-Pony" Filly
Foaled 5/14/17

Dam- "Apache"
13.2 hand Bay Tovero
Quarter/Pony mare

Bay Colt
Foaled 3/31/17

dam- Bar T Matilda ("Maddy")

(sold before born)

dam- ImA Special Judy
 "Lit'l Judy"  Bay Tobiano

Foaled 5/17/17
Bay Filly

Dam- Miss Special Rhythm si 84
Palomino ("Rhythem")
Daughter of Special Effort!

Sharing- Customer's Filly
Buckskin filly
Sharing- Customer's Foal

Buckskin Filly
Just a few hours old
Sharing- Customer's Foal

Buckskin Colt
Just a few hours old




2016 Foals Sired by SPECIAL FRENCH BULLY

For Sale
A Special French Gal
AQHA registration complete
She is 37.5% Special Effort !
Buckskin Filly  Foaled 5/13/16

4 months old here
(her dam is a AA Race
Daughter of Special Effort

APHA reg. 01061025
APHA Bay Tobiano Filly  Foaled 4/09/16


Note-Mare is bred back the same way for a
2017 Buckskin Tobiano or Bay Tobiano Foal. 
Pre-Purchase of Un-Born 2017 Foal with
payments through pregnancy/weaning time ok...

Bullys French Rocket
AQHA reg.
Grandson of
Bully Bullion!
Bay Colt Foaled 4/03/16


 AQHA reg.
Buckskin Filly  Foaled 4/04/16









"Bully" will sire Color! 
He is Homozygous for the Black Base (EE) and can't sire a Sorrel/Chestnut foal.
Here is a chart showing what colors his foals can be...
Note- In this explanation of color... when I list a Bay/Brown...

it refers to a horse with Black Mane/Tail, Black Legs, and the body is a reddish brown, brown, or dark brown color.
Special French Bully


When Special French Bully sires a Foal with a
Sorrel, Chestnut, Bay, Brown, or Black mare...

...Sorrel................. Chestnut.....................Bay.......
(eeAA, eeAa, eeaa, EeAA, EeAa, EEAA, EEAe, Eeaa, EEaa)
The FOAL will be a
Buckskin or a Bay/Brown Foal

Special French Bully


When Special French Bully sires a Foal with a
PAINT Mare... Bay Tobiano, Black Tobiano, Sorrel/Chestnut Tobiano...
Or Overo paint Mares...  or APPALOOSA mares...

"Bully" does Not carry any Paint genes... so any "Spots" will have to be inherited from the Dam of the Foal.
If the MARE is Homozygous for Tobiano, Overo, or the LP/Appaloosa pattern gene... then the foal will have "Spots" 100% of the time.  If the MARE is Heterozygous/Carries One Gene for "Spots" then the foal may be Spotted or Solid.

FOALS will be Buckskin, Buckskin with "Spots", Bay/Brown, or Bay/Brown with "Spots". 
The MARE will determine whether the foal has "Spots" but SPECIAL FRENCH BULLY will make the 'Base' Color Buckskin or Bay/Brown.

Special French Bully

If SPECIAL FRENCH BULLY sires a Foal with a "Single-Dilute" Mare
Such as a Palomino, Buckskin, or Smokey Black...

(eeAaCrcr, eeAACrcr, eeaaCrcr, EeAaCrcr, EeAACrcr,
 EEAaCrcr, EEAACrcr, EeaaCrcr, or EEaaCrcr)

The Foal will be a Buckskin, Bay/Brown or Perlino.
25% Chance of a Perlino.
37.5% Chance of a Buckskin.
37.5% Chance of a Bay/Brown.

 Special French Bully

If SPECIAL FRENCH BULLY sires a Foal with a GRAY or ROAN Mare...
(Red Roan, Bay Roan, Blue Roan, or Gray)

The Foal will be a BASE COLOR of
Buckskin or Bay/Brown... 
and the Foal may ALSO inherit a
ROAN Gene or a GRAY gene....
so the foal color possibilities are...
Buckskin, Buckskin Roan, Buckskin that will turn Gray,
Bay/ Brown, Bay/Brown Roan, or Bay/Brown that will turn Gray.

 Special French Bully

If SPECIAL FRENCH BULLY sires a Foal with a DUN gene mare...
(Red Dun, Black Pointed Dun, or Grullo)
The foal will be a Buckskin, Buckskin Dun,
Bay/Brown or a Black Pointed Dun. 



Here are EXAMPLES of COLORS of Foals.
These Foals are NOT sired by SPECIAL FRENCH BULLY, but are used as examples of Colors.
His first foals will be born in 2016.


Here is an example of a Buckskin Foal



Here is an example of a
Bay Foal



Here is an example of a
 Brown Foal
Here is an example of a
"Double-Dilute" Foal.
Both Cremellos and Perlinos have pink skin, blue eyes, and pale, cream or white colored coats.
All "Double-Dilutes" have blue eyes and pink skin.

Here is a Perlino Foal.
She has pink skin, blue eyes, and an almost white coat because she has TWO Cream or Dilute genes.

Here is an example of a
 Buckskin Paint Foal.
This foal is actually sired by our Perlino stallion
Mr Poco Jessie Tivio.
Here is an example of a
Bay Paint Foal.
Here is an example of a
Buckskin Dun Foal
(still shedding his baby coat)

This colt will actually be part of our breeding program in the future.

Here is an example of a
Bay Appaloosa Foal
This foal is sired by
Silverado Rein ApHC.

Here is an example of a
Buckskin Appaloosa Foal.
This foal is sired by
Silverado Rein ApHC.
I don't have a photo of a
Black pointed Dun foal. 
I don't have a photo of a Buckskin/Gray foal.   

Here is the only example I have of a
Buckskin Roan foal.
Here is an example of a
Bay Roan foal.
This foal is sired by our stallion, Zach Blue.
Here is an example of a
Brown Roan foal.
This foal looks almost like a Blue Roan.





Here is some information for BULLY BULLION, the sire of SPECIAL FRENCH BULLY. 



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